My research focuses on the roles of active storytelling and engagement in digital contexts. I’m interested in the ways that people interact with and reshape technology through stories, as both method and artefacts, and across media. I explore this in a number of ways, including:

  • the use of storytelling as an active process to foster empathy in and across communities of interest and practice
  • the roles of stories in encoding knowledge (tacit and articulated) through oral and digital forms
  • experimenting with voice to create multilayered texts and narratives that reflect and co-create nuanced understandings of place and issues
  • developing methods of documenting and capturing imagined futures through participatory story generation

I use an interdisciplinary approach drawing on a range of fields including Human Computer Interaction (HCI), ethnography, interaction design, social anthropology, and service design.

Currently I am exploring the potential of stories as value propositions, conceptualising stories as currency, where I hope to examine their shifting value across media and contexts, for example from traditional oral folklore to digital retellings and distributed data flows.