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Role: Co-Investigator
Timeline: October 2014 – June 2015

Seannachies: Addressing Social Isolation through Storytelling

Seannachies (pro: Sen-a-hees)
Traditionally Celtic, Irish and Scottish Highland bards; Seannachies fulfilled an important role
as knowledge holders of clans, recounting genealogical histories and upholding birth rights as
well as recalling historical deeds of note.

Seannachies was a network of researchers, practitioners and policy makers whose aim was to give voice to communities of elders through creative approaches and storytelling to develop a richer understanding of loneliness, and in doing so consider innovative ways to create and sustain social cohesion. We wished to reposition the perceptions around elder communities by demonstrating the richness of their narratives, life experiences and wisdom to inform policy change in action. We ran five storytelling events over the course of the network (see final report for details).

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Funded by: Scottish Universities Insight Institute (£18K)